July 23, 2021

Skeletons in Chandrababu’s cupboard coming to light 

Chandrabau land scam
The skeletons in the cupboard of the erstwhile Chandrababu Naidu Government seem to be slowly but surely coming to light with various investigative agencies making in depth inquiries.
The Andhra Government has ordered the Vigilance and Enforcement Department to probe the illegal mining of laterite by the son of former Minister Chintakayala Ayyanna Patrudu. Mr Ayyanna Patrudu was an important leader in the former TDP Government.
Ch.Vijay, the elder son of Mr Ayyanna Patrudu is illegally mining laterite. His company Andru Minerals has neither a mining permit nor environmental clearance.
Andru Minerals is illegally using a mining permit granted to a girijan entrepreneur, J Lakshmana Rao. The girijan was granted a mining permit but could not secure environmental clearance from the Union Government. Mr Vijay, using the influence of TDP Rajya Sabha member C M Ramesh, got environmental clearance for laterite mining when Prakash Javadekar was the Union Environment Minister.
As soon as environmental clearance was granted for Mr Lakshmana Rao, Mr Vijay and company took over the mining operations and have been mining the mineral till date though the newly elected YSR Congress government has not given any permits for the mining of laterite.
Sensational development in assigned land scam
The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has filed an affidavit in the Andhra Pradesh High Court providing evidence of the involvement of former Ministers and IAS officers in the Amaravati Assigned Land Scam.
The High Court issued a stay order on the arrest of former Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu and Municipal Administration Minister P Narayanan in the CID case initially. While allowing CID to continue its investigation the High Court asked the investigative agency to come back with evidence of their involvement.
The CID has now got the required evidence after the interrogation of former Guntur Joint Collector Cherukuri Sridhar.
The IAS officer told the CID that the revenue records were illegally handed over to Mr Narayana by two IAS officers who were working as the Collector of Guntur district. The names of two other erstwhile Ministers in the TDP government Prathipati Pulla Rao and Ravella Kishore Babu also came up during the interrogation of Mr Sridhar.
The YSRCP government has also ordered an inquiry into the denotification of 400 acres of forest land so that it could be handed over to Jaggi Vasudev, the founder of Isha Foundation.

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