June 19, 2021

Removing the Dust from Land Scams in Andhra Pradesh | The Who is 420 in AP Series

The Chandrababu Naidu government can be strictly be said that it stands for corruption. The government benefited no one, but only itself and hence could not be ignored at all costs. In the light of revelations, a loot worth of Rs. 3,708 Crore. This highlights the question – “Who is 420 in AP?”

The Beginning of Story

The story dates back a long ago with Chandrababu’s greed to amass wealth playing the central role. Thousands of acres of land being forcibly acquired for the farmers at meager prices. The reason rendered? The land would be used for the development of the capital city and for the construction of modern-day infrastructures.

However, the real issue is not the brutal acquisition of the land. The lavish spending of treasury sell plays a pivotal role. The lands which were to be sold at Rs. 4 Crore were sold to the multinationals at Rs. 50 Lakhs each. This ensured that the government took a bullet of Rs. 3,708 and didn’t disclose to the public in general.

The Complete Story

The Chandrababu Naidu government has acquired 1,300 acres of land in the process of construction of the capital city. A total of 75 firms were allocated land, while 8 of these firms were allotted land at a mere price of Rs. 50 Lakh an acre. On the other hand, 32 more firms were expecting similar deals.

The pricing strategy of Rs. 4 crore per acre of land dates back when the start-up program was initiated. The companies were enforced by the following laws. However, when the multinational companies showed interest over the construction of companies in the region, a vast piece of land was set aside for the purpose. And only a few selected companies were given land at very low price points.

In this process, a sum of Rs.463 Crore was raised instead of Rs. 3,708 crore over 927 acres of land.

Chandrababu Naidu’s preferential favoring cost the government over Rs. 3,245 crores. The government planned to give away the lands under three formats.

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  • In the first format, the government decided to sell the lands directly to the companies.
  • In the second format, the government planned to lease out the lands on freehold for 99 years without any conditions.
  • In the last and the third format, the government planned outright sale after.

The government leased the governmental institutions on lease systems while, on the other hand, those who were in favor enjoyed the freehold system.

The beneficiaries of this largesse of 927 acres of land include names such as BRS Medicity Healthcare and Research Private Limited, Indo-UK Institute of Health, SRM, VIT, Amrutha University, Basavatarakam Cancer Hospital, Xavier School of Management and Hyderabad Eye Institute among others. These institutions were given a 99 year lease period each.

The Startup Area Project

The troubles began with the start-up area project. When the lands were looted by Singapore based entities over the period, the government decided to fix the price at Rs. 4 crores per acre of land. However, this was the beginning of the corruption by the real “Who is 420 in AP.” The lands were sold at meager prices so as to attract foreign investments and earn kickbacks from the financers.

On the other hand, the government made every possible effort to convert these barren lands into lustrous green lands with all the amenities. From water supplies to cheap labor and enticing setup cost made sure multinationals have a branch in the region. On the other hand, the government won kickbacks from the companies for the great deals.

The Mockery of the Court of Law

The biggest mockery of the law was done when ChandrababuNaidu’s (the real who is 420 in AP) government made a series of mistakes that went against the law. As per the government guidelines, the government cannot lease land for over 33 years. However, the Chandrababu Naidu government leased lands at 99 years of the lease without respecting the constitution.

Furthermore, in such a scenario, the lands are given through the lottery system. However, the government gave away the lands freely at very low prices, thus disrespecting the law of court. As per news in the private firms, the companies are expected to protect their own firms rather than solving the grievances of the people.

The lands were illegally obtained from the farmers and sold even before they were registered. This shows the atrocities of the government over its people and the heinous crimes that the government has been involved in. As per the law, the government cannot acquire land from farmers and sold it to the coorporates. The following blog has been blown away indiscriminately, and hence legal action should be taken over the former Chief Minister.

Concluding Remarks

The Chandrababu Naidu government has dark secrets that are not restricted by the court of law. The government has looted Lakhs of crores of government, thus has earned a name for “who is 420 in AP?”

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