July 23, 2021

Chandrababu Naidu used Dalit IAS officers to deprive beneficiaries of assigned lands

chandrababu naidu land case
Former Chief Minister and present leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly N Chandrababu Naidu made use of three IAS officers to help his cronies grab assigned lands from Dalit beneficiaries, according to evidence submitted to the Crime Investigation Department (CID) by Mangalagiri MLA Alla Ramakrishna Reddy.
The MLA who has been at the forefront of the exposing Mr Chandrababu’s  Amaravati land scam said that he had evidence that Sambasiva Rao, a retired IAS officer who worked as a executive officer in the Tirumala-Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) was the “mastermind”  behind the grabbing of 4,000 to 5,000 acres of assigned lands in Amaravati area in the jurisdiction of the Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA).
The MLA has in the past challenged land pooling and the GOs related to Amaravati passed by the Chandrababu Naidu Government in court. He even submitted several complaints to the CID about the Amaravati Land Scam.
The MLA shared a video of a real estate broker, Bhoomiputra Brahmananda Reddy, coercing assigned landowners to forfeit their rights to their property after signing documents, with the media. The MLA told the media that he had handed over all the evidence with him to the CID and demanded the arrest of Mr Brahmananda Reddy.
He wanted CID to bring to book five revenue officers including an MRO, RDO, the then Joint Collector Cherukuri Sridhar and district Collector Kantilal Dande and his successor Kona Sashidhar who were involved in the scam.
Mr Rama Krishna Reddy said that the revenue officers in connivance with Mr Chandrababu took away, on the sly, the revenue records of the mandals in CRDA jurisdiction and hid them in the Guntur Collectorate.The movements of all revenue documents should be recorded, but all the records of the villages under the CRDA were taken away without any mention of why they were being moved.
Once they were shifted to Guntur they were sorted out and tampered with.
After passing on the details of assigned lands to real estate brokers like Mr Brahmananda Reddy the officers tampered with the records changing the boundaries to benefit Mr Chandrababu’s cronies. Mr Chandrababu even betrayed the farmers who gave land for pooling by tampering with the boundaries of their landholdings, the MLA said.
It was unfortunate that Mr Kantilal Dande and Mr Kona Sashidhar who were Dalits betrayed their kith and kin. Mentioning how another IAS officer Nagulapalli Srikanth refused to be party to Mr Chandrababu’s land grabbing conspiracy was transferred, Mr Rama Krishna Reddy said that the two IAS officers who worked as the Collectors of Guntur district succumbed to greed and betrayed their dalit brethren.
The MLA said that he wanted the CID to investigate thoroughly the way the officials were involved in intimidating the Dalit beneficiaries to forfeit land they were cultivating since 1940. The whereabouts of the revenue records of landholdings in Thulluru mandal were still unknown.
Several real estate brokers at the behest of Mr Chandrababu frightened the owners of assigned lands into forfeiting the rights for their lands. The Dalits were given paltry sums for documents forfeiting their rights. The real estate brokers like Mr Brahmananda Reddy made the landowners admit on video that they were forfeiting any claim over the assigned lands they got from the Government.

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